Academic Publications


Motivating Public Employees‘. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Elements Series), 2019 (with Esteve, M.)

Journal publications

‘Oiling the Bureaucracy? Political Spending, Bureaucrats and the Resource Curse’, World Development, forthcoming (with Harris, A.; Sigman, R.; Meyer-Sahling, J.; and Mikkelsen, K.)

(Un)Principled Principals, (Un)Principled Agents: The Differential Effects of Managerial Civil Service Reforms on Corruption in Developing and OECD Countries‘, Governance, forthcoming (with Meyer-Sahling, J. and Mikkelsen, K.)

The Causal Effect of Public Service Motivation on Ethical Behaviour in the Public Sector:  Evidence from a Large-Scale Survey Experiment‘, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory,  2019 (with Meyer-Sahling, J. and Mikkelsen, K.)

Civil Service Management and Corruption: What We Know and What We Don’t‘, Public Administration, early view (with Meyer-Sahling, J. and Mikkelsen, K.)

Patrons Against Clients: Electoral Uncertainty and Bureaucratic Tenure in Patronage States’, Regulation & Governance, early view

Merit, Tenure and Bureaucratic Behavior: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in the Dominican Republic’, Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 51(6), p. 759–792, 2018 (with Oliveros, V.) [Paper] [Appendix]

Cooking the Books: Bureaucratic Politicization and Policy KnowledgeGovernance, Vol. 31(1), p. 7-26, Jan. 2018 (with Boräng, F., Cornell, A. and Grimes, M.),

Legal Reform Need Not Come First: Merit-Based Civil Service Management in Law and Practice.’ Public Administration, Vol. 95(3), p. 571-588, Sep. 2017
(Joint Winner of the Haldane Prize for the best article published in Public Administration in 2017)

The Effects of Doing More with Less in the Public Sector: Evidence from a Large-Scale SurveyPublic Administration Review, Vol. 77(4), p. 544-553, July 2017 (with Esteve, M., Albareda, A. and Losada, C.)

What Causes Patronage Reform? It Depends on the Type of Civil Service Reform‘ Public Administration, Vol. 94(4), p. 1094-1104, December 2016 (blogged about in the Inter-American Development Bank’s Gobernarte Blog)

Party Patronage in Contemporary Democracies: Results from an Expert Survey in 22 Countries from Five RegionsEuropean Journal of Political Research, Vol. 55(2), p. 416–431, May 2016 (with Kopecky, P., Meyer-Sahling, J., Panizza, F., Scherlis, G. and Spirova, M.) [Dataset]

Articles under review

‘Agents of Past Political Principals: The Lasting Effects of Incumbents on the Political Ideology of Bureaucrats’ (with Kappe, R.)

‘When the Victor Cannot Claim the Spoils: Patronage Power and Merit Reforms’ (earlier version published as an Inter-American Development Bank Research Paper and blogged about in the Inter-American Development Bank’s Ideas Matter blog: Reforming the Civil Service to Win Elections; Versión en español: Reformando la administración pública para ganar elecciones)

Book Reviews

Review: Jobs for the Boys – Patronage and the State in Comparative PerspectiveGovernance, Vol. 26, Issue 4, 2013

Review: Party patronage and party government in European democraciesJournal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, Vol. 13, Issue 1, 2013