Academic Publications


Government Analytics: An Empirical Guide to Measuring Public Administration‘ Washington DC: World Bank, forthcoming (co-edited with Rogger, D.)

Motivating Public Employees‘. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Elements Series), 2019 (with Esteve, M.)

Major Datasets

The Global Survey of Public Servants Indicators‘ (with Fukuyama, F., Rogger, D., Hasnain, Z., Bersch, K., Mistree, D., Mikkelsen, K., Kay, K., and Meyer-Sahling, J.), 2022,  Available at

Journal articles and book chapters


The Global Survey of Public Servants: Evidence from 1,300,000 Public Servants in 1,300 Government Institutions in 23 Countries‘,  Public Administration Review, forthcoming (with Fukuyama, F., Rogger, D., Hasnain, Z., Bersch, K., Mistree, D., Mikkelsen, K., Kay, K., and Meyer-Sahling, J.),


Varieties of Connections, Varieties of Corruption: Evidence from Bureaucrats in Five Countries‘, Governance, early view (with Harris, A., Mikkelsen, K., Meyer-Sahling, J., Seim, B. and Sigman, R.)

Activating the ‘Big Man’: Social Status, Patronage Networks and Pro-Social Behavior in African Bureaucracies‘, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, early view (with Harris, A., Mikkelsen, K., and Meyer-Sahling, J.)

Do Bureaucrats Contribute to the Resource Curse? Evidence from a Survey Experiment in New Oil States‘, Journal of Development Studies, early view (with Harris, A., Sigman, R., Mikkelsen, K., and Meyer-Sahling, J.)


Bureaucratic Professionalization is a Contagious Process Inside Government: Evidence from a Priming Experiment with 3,000 Chilean Civil Servants‘, Public Administration Review, early view (with Mikkelsen, K., Meyer-Sahling, J. and Rojas, M.)

Exit, Voice, Sabotage: Public Service Motivation and Guerrilla Bureaucracy in Times of Unprincipled Political Principals‘, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theoryearly view (with Mikkelsen, K., Correa, I. and Meyer-Sahling, J.)

Agents of Past Principals: The Lasting Effects of Incumbents on the Political Ideology of Bureaucrats‘, European Journal of Political Research, early view (with Kappe, R.)

Paraguay: The Supremacy of Informality in Public Administration“, Peters, B.G., Tercedor, C.A. and Ramos, C. (Ed.) The Emerald Handbook of Public Administration in Latin America, Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 203-228


Merit Recruitment, Tenure Protections and Public Service Motivation: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment with 7,300 Public Servants in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe‘, Public Administration, early view (with Meyer-Sahling, J. and Mikkelsen, K.)

A Cross-Cultural Basis for Public Service? Public Service Motivation Measurement Invariance in an Original Survey of 24,000 Public Servants in Ten Countries and Four World Regions‘, International Public Management Journal, early view (with Meyer-Sahling, J. and Mikkelsen, K.)

‘(Un)Principled Principals, (Un)Principled Agents: The Differential Effects of Managerial Civil Service Reforms on Corruption in Developing and OECD Countries, Governance, Vol.33(4),  (with Meyer-Sahling, J. and Mikkelsen, K.)

Responding to Covid-19 Through Surveys of Public ServantsPublic Administration Review, Vol. 80(5), 2020 (with Fukuyama, F., Weitzman, L., Mikkelsen, K., Meyer-Sahling, J., Bersch, K., Paskov, P., Rogger, D. and Kay, K.)

Oiling the Bureaucracy? Political Spending, Bureaucrats and the Resource Curse‘, World Development, Vol. 127, 2020 (with Harris, A.; Sigman, R.; Meyer-Sahling, J.; and Mikkelsen, K.)

Distorções de incentivo ao desempenho e redução de motivação no serviço público federal no Brasil‘, Revista do Serviço Público, Vol.71(3) (with Correa, I.,  Camões, M, Meyer-Sahling, J. and Mikkelsen, K.)


The Causal Effect of Public Service Motivation on Ethical Behaviour in the Public Sector:  Evidence from a Large-Scale Survey Experiment‘, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory,  2019, Vol. 29(3) (with Meyer-Sahling, J. and Mikkelsen, K.)

Patrons Against Clients: Electoral Uncertainty and Bureaucratic Tenure in Patronage States’, Regulation & Governance, 2019, Vol. 14(1)


Civil Service Management and Corruption: What We Know and What We Don’t‘, Public Administration, 2018, Vol. 96(2) (with Meyer-Sahling, J. and Mikkelsen, K.)

Merit, Tenure and Bureaucratic Behavior: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in the Dominican Republic’, Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 51(6), p. 759–792, 2018 (with Oliveros, V.) [Paper] [Appendix]

Cooking the Books: Bureaucratic Politicization and Policy KnowledgeGovernance, Vol. 31(1), p. 7-26, Jan. 2018 (with Boräng, F., Cornell, A. and Grimes, M.),


Legal Reform Need Not Come First: Merit-Based Civil Service Management in Law and Practice.’ Public Administration, Vol. 95(3), p. 571-588, Sep. 2017
(Joint Winner of the Haldane Prize for the best article published in Public Administration in 2017)

The Effects of Doing More with Less in the Public Sector: Evidence from a Large-Scale SurveyPublic Administration Review, Vol. 77(4), p. 544-553, July 2017 (with Esteve, M., Albareda, A. and Losada, C.)


What Causes Patronage Reform? It Depends on the Type of Civil Service Reform‘ Public Administration, Vol. 94(4), p. 1094-1104, December 2016 (blogged about in the Inter-American Development Bank’s Gobernarte Blog)

Party Patronage in Contemporary Democracies: Results from an Expert Survey in 22 Countries from Five RegionsEuropean Journal of Political Research, Vol. 55(2), p. 416–431, May 2016 (with Kopecky, P., Meyer-Sahling, J., Panizza, F., Scherlis, G. and Spirova, M.) [Dataset]

When the Victor Cannot Claim the Spoils: Institutional Incentives for Professionalizing Patronage StatesInter-American Development Bank, Department of Research and Chief Economist Working Paper Series IDB-WP-667 (blogged about in the Inter-American Development Bank’s Ideas Matter blog: Reforming the Civil Service to Win Elections; Versión en español: Reformando la administración pública para ganar elecciones)

Book Reviews

Review: Jobs for the Boys – Patronage and the State in Comparative PerspectiveGovernance, Vol. 26, Issue 4, 2013

Review: Party patronage and party government in European democraciesJournal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, Vol. 13, Issue 1, 2013